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Company Introduction

Vegetable oil mills

The concept of vegetable oil mills is designed for the processing of oilseeds produced in temperate climates, especially for rapeseed and sunflower seeds.

The oil is extracted by pressing from rapeseed or sunflower seeds, and possibly modified by crushing, possbily in case of large presses by flocking or even preheating of flakes. The technological devices of the mill allow receiving of bulk materials directly from a truck, using crossing discharge basket, followed by placing of material in storage containers, or allow connection to existing storage capacities. From there it is transported through the grain handling paths to purification and then to the bin placed directly above the presses (for the smallest capacities) or the masher. The masher flakes fall to another bin and are subsequently transported to the presses. Pressed oil is diverted into the handling tanks and is transported then for further processing. Crude oil is usually filtered on a net filter first and then coarse sediments are separated and returned back to the presses.

The production process is continuous and quality of produced oil meets the requirements for food purposes.