Dear customers,

our company continues tradition of former Regional Janitorial Workshops built to achieve trouble-free operation of agricultural trading companies.

From the beginning, we have only aimed on maintenance of special technology used in agricultural business, made ​by Prokop Pardubice factory. As time went on, we started trying to produce our own machines. We started with the production of grain screw conveyors, grain bucket elevators and then gradually over the gravity transport elements (flaps, inspection doors, cuff, tubing), we worked through the production of aspiration elements (curtains, aspiration pipes, inspection doors, blocks). We also began to carry out manufacturing and assembly of steel structures,  warehouses, sheds and buildings.Our focus has been gradually expanded to include reconstruction and upgrading of animal feed plantspost-harvest lines and grain storage silos, where our company stands as a general supplier.

We realize:

  • project documentation realization
  • production and assembly of technological equipment in grain silos and animal feed plants
  • delivery and installation of steel silos (Cordoba, Dina, Gruber)
  • production and assembly of post harvest lines
  • production and assembly of steel structures of warehouses, shelters, including cladding
  • production and assembly of wiring
  • production and assembly of measurement and control system
  • production and assembly of computer control system 
  • weight management
  • installation of pressing plants for vegetal oils from agricultural crops (sunflower, rape)
  • refining and esterification of oils to biodiesel